100 most commonly used sentences

Here you will see 100 sentences that are most commonly used in English. If you just learn them much of your problem shall be resolved


If you are in English speaking country and you feel that you have a problem in speaking and understanding English then you are on the right place. We have conducted a research on the most commonly used English sentences and finally collected 100 such sentences which can resolve your problem and will assist you to spend your life normally by making you understand and speak what is the most important part of your language. The sentences are as follows, go through them. We are conducting a research on other languages too and soon the foreign people in other European and Middle East countries shall be having the most commonly used sentences that will add to the convenience of their life.


100 most commonly used sentences in English

1 Are you sure?
2 Absolutely not
3 I didn't mean it
4 Do you understand?
5 Do you want it?
6 Don’t tell me that
7 Give me a hand
8 I live just round the corner
9 Right ahead of you
10 Look out!
11 I feel much better
12 Have a nice day
13 Many returns of the day
14 Have another one
15 How are you doing?
16 I won’t be long
17 I don’t believe it.
18 It smells good.
19 I don’t think so.
20 I am used to it.
21 I see
22 Are you having fun?
23 Think about it.
24 It’s just the same thing.
25 See you tomorrow.
26 It’s obvious.
27 I got it.
28 What’s going on?
29 Mind your business.
30 What are you talking about?
31 He is good for nothing.
32 It’s time to go.
33 What on earth you are doing here?
34 It’s not worth it.
35 What’s the matter?
36 Where do you come from?
37 What is the date today?
38 What time is it.
39 I don’t feel like eating anything.
40 Bear in mind.
41 Not not at all..
42 What did you say?
43 That’s crazy.
44 What is your father?
45 I am pretty well.
46 Watch your steps.
47 What have you decided?
48 May I know your name please?
49 Ours is a large family.
50 How is the weather like?
51 How far is it from London?
52 Wake him up.
53 I did my school education from London.
54 Bolt the door.
55 Nice to see you.
56 Don’t beat about the bush.
57 Why didn’t you inform me?
58 Read it aloud.
59 I am home?
60 Put on your shoes.
61 You must meet him in person.
62 Don’t talk about that.
63 How did you get here?
64 What did you buy?
65 Don’t waste my time.
66 Why are you late?
67 Where are you coming from?
68 May I know who is speaking?
69 I have no time to waste
70 You must be joking.
71 Why are you staring at me?
72 Do you have change for 10 dollars?
73 Are you from abroad?
74 Where can I find him?
75 It is raining.
76 How are you feeling now?
77 How often do you come here?
78 How far is Scotland from here?
79 Where do you spend your holidays?
80 I keep my saving in a bank.
81 Where do you ask him to wait for us?
82 How old are you?
83 Do you have a spare time for me?
84 Do you have college today?
85 It’s very hot here.
86 I didn’t ask you to come.
87 Did he inquire about me?
88 You should have informed me about that.
89 It is not my mistake.
90 We came all the way to see you.
91 Can I keep it?
92 Where can I get mango juice?
93 Can I speak to you?
94 Am I speaking to Mr. John
95 Just for five minutes please.
96 Hold on
97 What can I do for you?
98 Can I have your address please?
99 Please come in.
100 I am glad to see you.

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