Complete method of filing income tax return for salaried persons after 2019

Updated method from 2019 Income Statement and Wealth Statement

Many people all over the country cannot submit their income tax returns. Therefore here you will find the complete easy to understand step-by-step method of filing your income tax returns. Please follow the steps below and if you have not yet registered yourself on FBR please visit FBR registration simple step-by-step method page.

Warning: Before submitting the returns double check everything. All of your entries must be correct. Make sure you have the following things with you before taking a start;

a. Accounts office statement/Annual statement with the exact figures of total gross salary and tax deducted.
b. Entire information of any amount other than salary received in the fiscal year.
c. Exact figures of expenditures
d. Proof of “withholding tax” you have paid during the fiscal year in case you are going to claim
e. Exact account of your wealth and assets (movable and immovable property etc)

Once you have done all that now come to your computer and submit your income tax return.

Steps to follow in filing income tax return

Previously we had to submit income tax return and statement of assets separately, but from 2019 FBR has included both under one declaration. So now it is quite easy that you can submit both in one go.

Important: After entering any figure please click on “Calculate” button (top right) so that FBR system should calculate it. If you do not click on calculate button remember your amounts will not be saved on the FBR website and tax will not be calculated. All auto calculation functions actually work only when you click on calculate after every entry. You can click on “Calculate” button twice because sometimes it does not work on one click.

1. Open

2. Give your CNIC as “Registration No” and password in order to login to FBR website.

3. Click on “Declaration” (Top left menu) and select “Normal Return (Excluding Business) – Wizard View”.

4. Go to left menu and click on “Employment” then select “Salary” from the dropdown menu.

5. Go to the row of “Pay, Wages or Other Remuneration (including Arrears of Salary)” and give the total amount of your annual salary in “Amount Subject to Normal Tax” column.

6. Now go to “Tax Chargeable/Payments” from left menu and click on “Adjustable Tax”.

7. Federal employee should go to “Salary of Federal Government Employees u/s 149” and if you are provincial employee go to “Salary of Provincial Government Employees u/s 149” and in the column of “Tax Collected / Deducted” enter the amount of total tax deducted from your annual pay as shown in your Accounts office statement.

8. If you have tax rebate then go to “Computations” from the left menu under “Tax Chargeable/Payments” and go to the row of “Tax Reductions” and give the rebate amount in the column “Amount Subject to Normal Tax”.

Note: Usually rebate is 40% for full time teaching staff, and if your annual tax is Rs. 100,000 it means your rebate amount is Rs. 40,000.

9. Make sure in the column of “Tax Chargeable” there should be the amount of total tax deducted from your salary that is shown in your Accounts office statement.

10. Once you have done all the above successfully now go to “116 – Wealth Statement” and click on “Personal Expenses”.

11. Give the figures of your yearly expenses against the heads mentioned on the page. If you have some other expenses include them in “Other Personal/Household Expenses”. In case you are helped by any family member in your expenses you can add it in “Contribution in Expenses by Family Members”.

12. Now click on “Personal Assets/Liabilities” and add the details of your assets and liabilities. You can mention here detailed information of your assets.

13. Now click on “Reconciliation of Net Assets” and add the total amount of your earning of the fiscal year in the column of “Amount” in the row “Inflows”.

Note: Remember, “Inflows” is total money you earned in fiscal year and “Outflows” is the total expenditure of the fiscal year.

Important: Please double check everything. Every entry should be error free and nothing missed to be entered. Once you are satisfied now you can submit your return. And once it is submitted it can no longer be edited. So make sure everything is accurate to the best of your satisfaction

14. Once you have completed click on “Save” and after that “Verification” button on the top menu bar.

15. Once you click on “Verification” you will be asked to give pin code. Give your pin code.

16. After giving you pin code click on “Submit” button in the top menu bar.

17. Your income tax return is now submitted successfully. Click on “Print” in the top menu bar and get the print copy of your income tax return for your personal record

Necessary figures to be entered white filing salary section

1. Total annual gross salary
2. Amount of tax paid (as written in Accounts office statement)
3. Amount of tax reductions in case of rebate (total tax – tax paid = tax reductions)

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Remember we have provided you every possible information you need to get yourself registered on FBR for your NTN or Reference number. You are also warned to give your correct information and where you are confused you must consult with FBR Regional office. If you do any mistake regarding registration the site bears no responsibility. You have to give your correct and valid information.

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