Active Passive voice: Imperative Sentences


Imperative is the kind of a sentence that denotes a mood of the verb in giving orders or making requests etc. It means in our daily life we use many such imperative sentences, like;

     Leave him alone.
     Do what she says.
     Open your book at page 125.

How to Convert Imperative sentence into Passive Voice

In order to convert imperative sentence into passive voice you have to follow the instructions below.

Let is used at the beginning of sentence.
Past Participle form of verb shall be used in passives.
Use of be before verb.
Imperatives have no subject, like; “Come up to my expectations.”, “be silent.” etc. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be used. And if we need to use subject it is always [you], like; “you come here please.” In case we use subject (you) we have to use [by] before it in order to convert it into passive voice.


Open your books.
Let your books be opened.

Take milk.
Let the milk be taken.

Bring two teas.
Let two teas be brought.

Don’t offer him anything.
Let him not be offered anything.

Pick the phone.
Let the phone be picked.

Don’t buy dress from here.
Let dress not be bought from here.

Examples of imperative with “you”as a subject

You consider this.
let this be considered by you.

You please turn the fan on.
Let the fan be turned on by you please.

Note: Imperatives can be converted into passive voice but this passivization of imperative sentence is considered as bad English, because it cease to be imperative in passive voice. Similarly the use of [you] as subject is a bit unusual.

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