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Free WIFI hotspots in different cities of Bangladesh. Just follow the links of the city from below.

Kuala Lumpur Ipoh Subang Jaya Klang
Johor Bahru Ampang Alor Setar Shah Alam
Kuching Petaling Jaya Kota Kinabalu Cheras
Sandakan Seremban Kuantan Tawau
Kuala Terengganu Miri Kota Bahru Malacca
George Town of Penang      

Here we are providing you an opportunity to locate free WIFI hotspots in entire country of Malaysia. What you usually do when your phone signals, especially during the journey, fail you and you can neither call, nor use internet, nor connect to any person whom you want to talk. You must know that there are various such places which are for public and they provide you free facility to use WIFI in their localities, like; hotels, airports, shops, malls etc. But remember there are many more such places which either share their WIFI passwords or make it open for free use for everyone. provides you with an opportunity to locate free WIFI hotspots. All hotspots are of three natures;

1. Free and open WIFI
2. WIFIs that have shared their passwords on this site
3. WIFIs with secret or personal passwords

So, on this page we just only give you the detail of the first two types of WIFI hotspots. If we say FREE so definitely it means the ones that are open without password or password that is shared on this website. So feel free to use our services. Here you will locate every WIFI hotspot, with exact location, that is entirely free for everyone.

How to use this site

Pins showing WIFIs

When you open this page you will see the map with pins indicating WIFI hotspots. When you will click on the pin its address, network name and password will appear before you, and you can use that information to use free internet provided you are in that locality. Every pin indicates the proper coordinates of the place so that you can be facilitated error free.

List of the cities of Malaysia

At the top of the map the list of the cities of Malaysia is provided to you where you can easily select any city just by clicking on it.


Remember, all the WIFI hotspots provided on this site are based in the consent of the owners and we give our services whatever is provided to us by the owners, and in any case of wrong information the site is not responsible. We provide nothing that against the consent of the owners, having in mind that they are mostly of public places which are, in the entire world, free for the users. Moreover this information can increase their business by more customers with exact information regarding their WIFIs quite before they step in their localities. If you feel your information may be deleted from our database you can write us and we will proceed as you desire. If you want to share your WIFI information with us for public use you can also contact us.

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