Important: This webpage gives information of the free public WIFI hotspots. Due to recent COVID-19 outbreak you are requested to please avoid going outside and ensure safety precautions. Please stay in and be safe. Your health is more important.

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Malaysia launched the facility of getting you connected with free wifi services in your area. Many people usually rely on the purchased network internet packages, mainly because they are unaware of the free wifi hotspots in your own locality. About 70% of the people do not know that they can have free internet services in their city or even in town. This facility is available throughout the world, in every country and city. We provide this facility especially for the countries where you usually find poor network signals in many areas. Where you can neither call nor use internet. And how about this if in such situation you are given the information of the free wifi hotspot around you with exact coordinates so that you can easily locate it. You just need to move there and when your mobile catches the network we have mentioned on the map give the password and use internet for free.

The facility of free wifi is based on business promotion principle. Every public place for business offers it in order to attract customers, the only reason they share their wifi connectivity information with us. Business places provide that information to its customers through different methods; by keeping wifi open without password, by sharing passwords and by simple QR codes that people have to scan on their mobiles and get connected. Our services are therefore 100% legal.

Our free wifi service is very simple to use. It is self explanatory and you shall read the entire process on the page of our free wifi map, still for your convenience we have a short demo video that will show you the way how to get connected to your nearby free wifi hotspot. And if you want to watch that first go to the end of this page.

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