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You can use free internet in certain places around the world. Here we are providing you an opportunity to locate free WIFI hotspots in the world. What you usually do when your phone signals, especially during the journey, fail you and you can neither call, nor use internet, nor connect to any person whom you want to talk. There are such public places that provide free WIFI services to its visitors. Their WIFI hotspots are open for public and anyone within their premises can use free internet. Apart from certain public places there are many others who have shared the password of their WIFI for the general good of the public. Our services on this page are to provide you access to free WIFI hotspots in the world.

How our service works

So, on this page we just only give you the detail of the first two types of WIFI hotspots. If we say FREE so definitely it means the ones that are open without password or password that is shared on this website. So feel free to use our services. Here you will locate every WIFI hotspot, with exact location, that is entirely free for everyone.

In order to access our services you need to go to the map that is given at the top of this page. This map provides exact locations of the places with free WIFI hotspots along with all the details in WIFI connectivity.

Kinds of free WIFI Hotspots

In general there are three kinds of WIFI hotspots; open, password protected and shared password. We provide you the details of those that are free, I mean those WIFIs which have no or shared passwords and they are absolutely free for all. Just connect and use free internet. In case of shared WIFI passwords. We give you all detail that is needed for connectivity.

Places that have free WIFI service

As told earlier there are certain public places that have free WIFI services for users in their premises. Such as; restaurants, hotels, shops, airports, malls etc. there are many other such places, whereas some private WIFI hotspots are also free as mentioned on this page.

Why they provide free WIFI service

Provision of free WIFI services to the users is based on business promotion principles. Facilitating customers with free services augments business opportunity by attracting more customers.


We provide WIFI connectivity information that is open for the public use for example; hotels, shops, restaurants, public places, airports, malls, cafes, beauty parlors and clinics etc. We don’t share anything that is private and not open for all. Therefore our collection of free WIFI hotspots in any country is based on the direct consent of the ones who own them. Data is inserted in our database as provided by the people that can be accessed from their websites. The site therefore bears no responsibility of the foolproof authentication of the information given to its users.

If you are the owner of hotel, restaurant, clinic, parlor, shop, mall or any public place and you feel like sharing your WIFI with us you can send us your information with exact coordinates and we shall share it on our site. On the contrary your information may also be deleted on your request.

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