Parts of speech: Noun Exercises


Read the following statements. If the statement is right put "T" in the answer field otherwise put "F". There are ten questions in this quiz. Once you complete click on "Check all answers" to see your mistakes. You can also use "Check" button with every question.


1. Students is collective noun .   False

2. London is common noun.   False

3. Chair is common noun.   True

4. Books is collective noun.   False

5. Keys is plural noun.   True

6. Peter is proper noun.   True

7. Tooth is irregular noun.   True

8. Glasses is plural noun.   False

9. Milk is countable noun.   False

10. Data is plural noun.   True


5 Correct answers: Poor
7 Correct answers: Good
10. Correct answers: Excellent

If you are Good or Excellent then go on to next chapter.

If you are Poor go to the Noun page and read and practice it again.

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