Parts of speech: Noun

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Noun is the name or any name is called noun in grammar. According to the old definition “noun is the name of person, place or a thing”, but here the question stands that many words are nouns despite the fact that they are neither person, nor place nor thing, like destruction, anger, advice etc. So its proper definition may be that noun is the name or every name is called noun.

Examples of noun

Chair, glass, place, machine, mobile, table, mountain, Shakespeare, book, file etc

Kinds of noun

There are EIGHT different types of noun.

  1. Proper noun
  2. Common noun
  3. Abstract noun
  4. Material noun
  5. Plural noun
  6. Collective noun
  7. Countable noun
  8. Uncountable noun
  • Proper and common noun

Remember, everything has almost two names, like man and John, table and dining table, mountain and K2 etc. One name is shared commonly whereas other name is specific or special name, for example, man is commonly shared whereas John is the special name of one person. Similarly mountain is the common name for raised earth bigger than hill but K2 is the special or particular name.

So the name which is commonly used for similar things is called common noun, and the name which is specifically used to indicate a particular thing is called proper noun.

Examples of common and proper noun

Common noun Proper noun
Mobile Nokia e52
Book Hamlet
Girl Alice
Man Carl
Chair Wheel chair
Tree Willow
  • Abstract noun

Anything which cannot be seen or touched and only can be felt is called abstract hence the name of such thing is called abstract noun.

Examples of abstract noun

Anger, pain, pleasure, emotion, warmth, love, hatred etc

  • Material noun

The very name is self explanatory that material noun is the name of things that are used as material to make other things, like; we make many things with plastic, iron, wood, paper etc so they are materials and their names are material nouns.

  • Plural and collective noun

Plural and collective nouns are very much identical because both indicate plurality of nouns but the difference is that when we use totally another name for that collection it is collective noun like flock is the name for the collection of animals similarly team is the collection of players, whereas if the noun is pluralized by using –s or –es at the end this is called plural noun. The following example will clear this further.

Noun Plural noun (by using –s or –es) Collective noun (name of collection)
Player Players Team
Lion Lions Herd
Wolf Wolves Pack
Protestor Protestors Procession
Student Students Class

Now you have understood that plural noun gives plurality whereas collective noun is the name of collection of nouns.

Plural nouns are further divided into Regular and Irregular nouns.

Regular nouns are those in which plural is made by adding –s or –es at the end of the word like;

names, mountains, speeches, glasses, tables etc.

Irregular noun is that noun in which plural is made not by adding –s or –es rather a unique way in which words spellings and pronunciation both change, for example;

goose – geese,
louse – lice,
mouse – mice,
tooth – teeth,
foot – feet etc.

Irregular nouns are mostly adopted from other languages and they are pluralized in accordance with the same language’s rules. like;

formula, nova, antenna etc are Latin words and they are pluralized as; formulae, novae, antennae. However this must be understood that their English or anglicized versions are also in use and they can also be pluralized as; formulas, novas, and antennas.

  • Countable and uncountable noun

Countable nouns are those which can be counted, like; oranges, money, apples, chairs, tables etc whereas uncountable nouns are those which cannot be counted, like; water, milk, honey etc. We can say four apples for they are countable but we cannot say four airs or even airs, milks or honeys.


Countable noun Uncountable noun
Bread Air
Chair Water
Book Milk
House Oil


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