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All the scholarship opportunities offered by HEC are announced in newspapers, and you can go directly to the official website of HEC and see for yourself. For Balochistan and FATA the level of scholarships announced by HEC is undergraduate degree. The application procedure varies and depends on the scholarship provider.

Eligibility for foreign scholarships

The applicant can stand eligible to proceed for the foreign scholarship by accomplishing the following requirements;
1. The applicant must be the citizen of Pakistan or Azad Jammu Kashmir.
2. The qualification criteria for application to the foreign scholarship must be accomplished and the applicant must have scored at least 2.5 grade point average in qualifying degree.
3. No three second divisions are allowed. Total percentage in all the academic record must not be less than 50%.
4. Upper age limit is 35 years which is extendable in the case of full-time serving faculty members.
5. Applicant must not have qualified for any other HEC scholarship.

Application procedure for foreign scholarships

The procedure of application varies with every announcement and you can read it in the newspaper advertisement or directly on the official website of HEC (www.hec.gov.pk). Still here we are giving you an idea about the procedure which is usually followed. Foreign scholarships for international students are usually announced by any university, banks and governments and in that connection they have a certain website on which you can apply, but the students of Pakistan apply through HEC which is nominating agency. Before application you better have the admission offer from the host university. Now what follows is the procedure that is usually adopted;

1. Application form is downloaded from the website of the scholarship provider. Commonwealth has Electronic Application System (EAS) the link of which is provided in every advertisement and this system remains active till the deadline after which you cannot have the form available there.
2. Since you are applying through HEC therefore you need to download HEC form as well.
3. Download these two forms (HEC’s and scholarship provider application form). Forms must be filled in using your computer (MS Word) not in handwriting.
4. Once you have filled in the forms get the printed copy of them which should be duly signed by you and if the scholarship is for the faculty members the NOC section of HEC form must be filled in and duly signed by the employer of the applicant.
5. Make three copies of the form from scholarship provider and one copy of HEC form.
6. Attach your documents as guided. Documents must be attested.
7. You must properly staple the form and documents so that they may not separate. In case they are separated they are not entertained. It is preferable that you make sets with spiral binding the same is instructed in many advertisements.
8. Scholarship providers usually demand proposals and it is upto the proposal, applicant’s potential and academic excellence that you qualify.
9. HEC also conducts interview that is the part of procedure and the final selection may not be achieved on its basis.
10. HEC shortlists the candidates and show the list on the official website.
11. Once the candidates get shortlisted he / she is interviewed by the scholarship providers and upon qualifying this interview the scholarship is granted.
12. Quite like indigenous programmes here also the full-time serving applicant has to submit affidavit / bond that he / she shall serve the department for certain years as required by HEC.
13. Once the scholarship is granted then student has to follow the session schedule as given by the host institution.
Note: Remember there are no MPhil or MS degrees for the foreign universities. They are considered as postgraduate degrees.

Eligibility for Indigenous scholarships

1. Applicants must be in possession of the degree upon which he / she goes for the higher qualification.
2. Applicant cannot avail two scholarships at a time.
3. The upper age limit is 35 which is relaxed for four more years in case of full time regular service.
4. The supervisor must be HEC approved.
5. Study leave and bond for certain years of service in the same department after the completion of degree is necessary requirement.
6. NTS general is mandatory for the ones who are proceeding for MPhil / MS and NTS subject for those who are going for PhD.

Application procedure for Indigenous scholarships

Documents are sent to the Project Director with the following documents;
1. Attested copies of all academic record. Attestation is made by HEC.
2. GAT general
3. NOC for the regular employees.
4. Deposit slip of the application processing fee as mentioned in advertisement. Fee is paid in selected HBL branches in the account no 17427900133401.
Once you applied HEC shortlist the applications and provisional offer letter is issued to the shortlisted candidates. When final award letter is issued the government servants have to submit affidavit / bond affirming to serve the department for certain years as required after the completion of the degree.


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