Special English

Learn English in a way that is simplest to you. Get started with just 10 words a day.

মাত্র 1432 শব্দ শিখুন এবং সাবলীল ইংরাজি বলুন

Lesson No. 04

  Words Meanings
1 action কর্ম
2 active সক্রিয়
3 activist কর্মী
4 activity কার্যকলাপ
5 actor অভিনেতা
6 actress অভিনেত্রী
7 actual আসল
8 actually প্রকৃতপক্ষে
9 ad বিজ্ঞাপন
10 adapt খাপ খাওয়ানো


We are going to start a service in which we shall teach special English to the people of Bangladesh.

Depending upon our years of experience we have shaped our English teaching program.

We have made everything quite simple, according to the psychology of Bangali students so that they feel at home. Since the most important thing in teaching is to make learning enjoyable in order to attract students’ attention.

And the more they stay focused the more they learn. Our teaching program is free for all the users.

Our plan for teaching English for the people of Bangladesh

Focusing upon the actual learning problems of the people of Bangladesh in connection with speaking English fluently we have worked out a comprehensive plan which is going to launch in few days time. Our primary focus in teaching English program is on two major things;

• Speaking English fluently
• Grammatical accuracy

Speaking English fluently

We have made a best possible effort to make our teaching English program aligned with human psychology.

Man always desires for the fast learning and in this connection we have worked out a practical plan. Generally the great problem with the people is the lack of vocabulary. They do not have words to express what they want to express. It is here that we have made our plan that will work for you.

We have gathered the list of words that are frequently used in our daily routine. We have experienced that once you are aware of these words and able to use them your problem of speaking English is 70% resolved.

We shall teach you 10 to 20 words per day, depending upon your capacity, and ask you to practice them in your daily life in order to make you more used to with them.

The time you shall reach 1500 words you shall see that you have undergone a great change.

You will feel confident and once you acquired that state of mind then nothing can stop you to get competence in speaking English.

English Grammatical accuracy

Another thing that goes hand in hand with your vocabulary is the grammar.

You need to strengthen you grammar for learning English. We have also worked out the comprehensive plan in order to strengthen your grammatical accuracy. Our plan for teaching grammar is as follows;

1. Lessons on English grammar are in multiple languages.

2. You can select Bangali language to read the lesson for proper understanding.

3. You can also watch the video lessons.

4. We have started the English grammar exercises portion to facilitate our students more.

Characteristics of English Grammar lessons

Being the professor of English and having 13 years of teaching English experience I know the actual problems of our students in order to learn English language.

Therefore, in the light of our experience, we have made the grammar lessons on the following grounds;

1. All the lessons are easy to understand.

2. We have developed a systematic approach of teaching English grammar.

Our methods are well planned in a sense that we offer you the maximum options for learning.

Focusing upon the major problem areas for learning in the students of South Asian countries we have limited ourselves to simple English so that our students can get the better advantage of our classes.

Moreover we have also introduced many other facilities, as mentioned earlier, to make them at home with this learning process.