Class Registration (Step: 3/3)

Proof of the payment

After payment please give the proof of your payment here.

If you paid through Bank transfer take the picture of the bank paid slip and upload it here.

If you paid through debit / credit card from phone / laptop then upload the screenshot .

Note: In case of any problem please call on the phone number provided to you in our email.

Payment proof form


Payment methods

1. EasyPaisa

2. JazzCash

3. Debit/Credit card

How to pay through Easypaisa App (03 steps)

If you are paying through Easypaisa app please follow this method

Step: 01

Open Easypaisa app and click on Raast Payment icon

Step: 02

Go to "Enter Receiver's Raast ID" and enter 0343-9412230 and click "Next".

Step: 03

Now put the payment amount and click on "Next".

How to pay through JazzCash App (03 steps)

Step: 01

Open JazzCash app in your mobile and login. Click on "Raast" icon.

Step: 02

Give the Raast ID and click on "Send Money via Raast"

Step: 03

Give the amount of your payment and click on "Send Rs. " button.

How to pay through Debit/Credit card

If you want to pay your fee through Debit/Credit card you have to pay through bank application by Fund transfer and then go to Raast ID.

Pay Through Bank

Visit the bank and make online payment on the Raast ID

How to take class on Zoom

04 easy steps

Step 01. Download Zoom Cloud Meeting and install it

Step 02. Open zoom software and click on "Join a Meeting"

Step 03. Now give the Meetin ID we have provided you on your email address

Step 04. Give the Passcode we have provided you on your email address and click on "Join Meeting" button.

Note: Kindly join the meeting according to the schedule we have sent you on your email.

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