Free WIFI in Bangladesh

বাংলাদেশের সব শহরে 1000টি ফ্রি ওয়াইফাই জোন

Thousands of free WiFi zones in Bangladesh

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Different websites that provide free WIFI hotspots either don’t provide the desired WIFI connectivity information directly or the process is rather complicated that visitors get puzzled and close the page instead of getting any advantage.
On the other hand on this page we have updated and lighter programming that loads fast on every browser.
Our page gives real-time hotspots with exact coordinates.
You can access WIFI passwords and network name rather very quickly, and that is just by clicking on the map pins.
We cover almost every big city of Bangladesh. You can find free WIFI in Dhaka, Kolkata, Kuala Lumpur, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Comilla, Sylhet, Mymensingh, Barisal, Rangpur, Narayanganj and Gazipur.

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Why to use our Free WIFI service

After having comparative analysis of all the available websites that provide free WIFI hotspot service we have developed our service that stands out all the rest.
Our free WIFI service is more convenient for the users and the following are the distinctive features that will explain why you should use our service.

Fast website

All the other websites, however good ones, it is observed that the pages are not fast loading.
They take rather longer time.
Upon our thorough study of the users’ behavior on the different such sites we have developed our services, and still working to further update it, in order to meet users requirements.
Having this in mind we thought to develop a fast loading website on every platform and device so that our users get the quick response to maintain their interest.

Easy to access connectivity information

Our site, unlike many others, have very easy method to collect the desired information of WIFI hotspots i.e. Network name, WIFI password and the address of the free WIFI hotspot.
You can get this information, unlike other websites, very simply by clicking on the map pin.
Once you click on the pin it will open a popup stating everything you need to get connected to that WIFI hotspot.
This method is probably the easiest because on most of the other sites one-click method to access entire WIFI connectivity information is frankly not available.
So here we made things easier for you.

WIFI map online

We use the lighter and fast loading open street map.
Once you open the page you will see hundreds of map pins that indicate the exact geographical coordinates.
If you happen to be around that map pin and your mobile catches the network name as we have mentioned you can give our provided free WIFI password and use free internet.
The map we have selected gives you clarity and maximum zoom-in facility like Google maps.
Once you enter the free WIFI zone, according to our map, your mobile WIFI shall catch the free WIFI hotspot we have mentioned.

Real-time location

Our Free WIFI hotspot service is constantly updated.
At the beginning we had started this service only for Bangladesh, but with the passage of time upon the increased demands we have included many other countries like, India, Pakistan, Japan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia.
The site’s hotspots are contently increasing and in coming future we are soon starting a service to let people upload the free WIFI connectivity information of their shops, hotels, restaurants, beauty parlors and public places etc.
Now our site is growing to the maximum users in South Asia and Far East gaining people’s trust.
It is all on account of our well thought of plans to make our services more reliable, easy to use and fast.

The map pins show the exact location of free wifi hotspots.
If you want to get the details you can zoom in and see the address on the popup which opens once you click on the map pins.

How to use our Free WIFI hotspots in Bangladesh

Using our free WIFI service is very easy for everyone.
Once you come on this page all you need to do is to zoom in to your current location and see if our Free WIFI hotspot map shows any hotspot near you (map pin).
If it is so just open the WIFI of your mobile.
Make sure your mobile catches the network name as mentioned against every pin on our map.
Select the network in your mobile and give the password as we have mentioned on our map pin.

Types of free WIFI hotspots

There are two types of FREE WIFI hotspots on this page which are as follows;
Free WIFI in Bangladesh Free WIFI with password indicated by the yellow map pin
Free WIFI in Bangladesh Free WIFI without password indicated by the white map pin

If you are in free WIFI zone of the white map pin then there is no need of giving any password in your mobile.
And if you are in the free WIFI zone of the yellow map pin give the WIFI password as shown after clicking the map pin.

Free WIFI hotspot software/app

BSLEARNING FREE WIFI is going to launch its own free WIFI app in near future.
Once we launch the app we shall share its link on this page.

How we provide free WIFI hostspots service

Now you might be thinking from where do we get this free WIFI information.
Remember, this information is shared with us directly by the owners of the free WIFI hotspots.
This service, on the other hand, acts as a business promotion, because those who share their WIFI information with us are the owners of business places, i.e. shops, hotels, restaurants, beauty parlors and salons etc.
They share this information with us for their own publicity.
On the other hand we focus on public places like, gardens, zoos, museums, airports, institutions etc.
We never give any private information.
Use our service and get free internet in Bangladesh

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get a free wifi hotspot?

Open, click on “Get started”, select your country, select your city. Now the map pins indicate free WIFI hotspots in your city.

2. Is there WIFI in Bangladesh?

Yes, Bangladesh has WIFI hotspots and thousands of free WIFI hotspots

3. How do I find WIFI hotspots in my area?

Open, click on “Get started”, select your country and then city. The map of free WIFI hotspots shall open. Turn on the WIFI of your mobile and click on the map pin having the same network name that your mobile WIFI have scanned. Now the password as given against the map pin and you are done. Use free internet in Bangladesh.

4. Which sim is best for internet in Bangladesh?

BSlearning FREE WIFI service is for all mobiles. Needless to have any particular sim. All you need to have is your mobile WIFI.

5. Does Bangladesh have 4G?

Yes, Bangladesh has 4G internet service.