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Our Privacy Policy

By filling in this form, it is understood that you have given your consent to share your Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity credentials with us. This is necessary for us to accurately map and display the location of available Wi-Fi hotspots on our live Wi-Fi map. If you do not wish to share your Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity credentials, please refrain from submitting this form. We require this information to ensure that our Wi-Fi map is comprehensive and up-to-date. This form is intended for locations that offer open Wi-Fi access to the public, such as hotels, restaurants, airports, railway stations, public areas, markets, institutions etc. By submitting your information, you are helping to improve the connectivity experience for people in these areas. If you require further information about our privacy policy, please visit our dedicated page for more details on how we handle your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and ensure that any information you provide is used only for the purposes stated in our policy.