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We are proud to announce the launch of our free WiFi hotspot map in Makkah, catering specifically to the needs of pilgrims (Hajis) visiting the holy city. As pilgrims are on their spiritual journey, staying connected with their families becomes crucial. With our service, they can now have free WiFi access throughout Makkah, ensuring they can easily connect and communicate with their loved ones. During Hajj and Umrah, when millions of pilgrims from all corners of the world gather in Makkah, it becomes even more essential to provide them with reliable internet connectivity. Our free WiFi hotspot map aims to fulfill this need and enhance the overall pilgrimage experience for every individual.

Building upon the success of our initiative in Makkah, we are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of our free WiFi hotspot map in Madina as well. Just like in Makkah, Madina receives a significant influx of pilgrims during Hajj and Umrah. These visitors come from diverse backgrounds and nations, representing Muslims from all over the world. Recognizing the importance of staying connected, we are dedicated to providing free WiFi access in Madina to facilitate pilgrims in communicating with their families. As both Makkah and Madina are rich in free WiFi availability, we aim to ensure that pilgrims are aware of this service and can utilize the internet to stay connected throughout their sacred journey.

Overall, our free WiFi hotspot map initiative aims to create a effective and connected experience for pilgrims in Makkah and Madina. By offering free internet access in these holy cities, we strive to alleviate the concerns of pilgrims who wish to connect with their families during Hajj and Umrah. With the availability of numerous free WiFi spots, these cities offer a digital bridge that connects pilgrims with their loved ones, regardless of their geographical locations. We believe that by providing this essential service, we can enhance the spiritual journey of every pilgrim and ensure they feel connected, supported, and empowered throughout their time in Makkah and Madina.

What is Free WiFi hotspot

To us, the concept of free WiFi hotspots embodies the principle of departing from paid services and getting easy access to internet for all. Typically, WiFi hotspot connectivity information is offered as a paid service. However, breaks this norm by providing it for free to users, empowering them with cost-effective internet access. In today's digitally connected world, access to the internet has become a necessity. However, WiFi hotspot connectivity is often associated with paid services, creating barriers for many users. is changing this narrative by providing free WiFi hotspot information in Bahrain, Bangladesh India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Qatar, Singapore and Japan. and this initiative is now extending to many other countries of the world. Here you will explores the extensive network of free WiFi hotspots offered by, focusing on its coverage and the types of hotspots available.

Our Service

Our service is based on the following principles:

Providing Connectivity Information stands out by offering free WiFi hotspot connectivity information with precise geographical coordinates. Users can access details such as network names, passwords, and addresses of the free WiFi hotspots, enabling them to connect freely.

Expanding Network

While initially starting in Bangladesh in 2019, has expanded its network to include several other countries. Our Free WiFi hotspot service has swiftly expanded its reach to encompass a multitude of countries. Our network now extends to India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Qatar, Bahrain, Sigapore and Japan. However, our ultimate ambition is to cover every country in the world, leaving no corner untouched by our free WiFi hotspot connectivity information services.

Extensive Coverage in Country has significantly enhanced its network coverage, ensuring users can access free WiFi hotspots in almost all cities across the country.

How to use our service

To make use of our free WiFi service, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Start by selecting the desired city from the available dropdown options. Once selected, the corresponding map will open up, displaying various pins indicating WiFi hotspots in that particular area.

Step 2. Once you open the map of your country you are further provided with the dropdown menu to select any city to explore Free WiFi hotspots.

Step 3: We provide "Free WiFi hotspots near me" option by fetching the current location of the user on the map. A convenient popup window will appear, presenting you with the relevant connectivity information for that specific WiFi hotspot. This includes the network name, password, and address.

Step 4. Hotspot map pins are visible in certain zoom level. Under the map we have notification area showing whether or not hotspot map pins are visible. It also shows zoom level.

Note: Below the map, you will find a prominently placed button labeled "Share Your WiFi hotspot." This button is specifically designed for hotspot owners who wish to contribute their connectivity information to our service. By clicking this button, hotspot owners can share their WiFi details, allowing others to benefit from their network's accessibility.

Our Network

Our network in encompasses the following areas:

Public Places goes beyond traditional connectivity offerings by providing information on free WiFi services in public places. Users can access hotspots in parks, railway stations, bus stations, airports, and other gathering spots, ensuring connectivity wherever they go.


Recognizing the importance of connectivity in educational institutions, covers schools, colleges and universities. This ensures that the new students, faculty, and staff have access to free WiFi hotspots, facilitating learning and communication.

Commercial Establishments caters to users in markets, restaurants, libraries, shops, and business centers by offering information on free WiFi hotspots in these locations.

Types of Hotspots

Open or Public WiFi Hotspots provides information on open or public WiFi hotspots that do not require a password. Such hotspots are marked as Public WiFi or Open WiFi in password field. Users can connect easily, enabling quick access to the internet.

Password-Protected WiFi Hotspots also lists password-protected WiFi hotspots, where users need to enter a password to establish a connection. The platform ensures that users have access to both types of hotspots, depending on their needs and preferences.

How we enhance our service

We have introduced a service called "Share your WiFi hotspot" where hotspot owners can voluntarily share their connectivity information for public use. This includes providing passwords to access their WiFi networks. To ensure transparency and privacy, a privacy policy notice is displayed on the "Share your WiFi hotspot" form. By sharing their connectivity details, hotspot owners are considered to have given their consent to make this information publicly available. We have also provided a link to our privacy policy, emphasizing that users should proceed only upon their explicit consent.

The Final Word has transformed the landscape of WiFi hotspot connectivity. By offering free access to comprehensive information on WiFi hotspots, the platform empowers users to stay connected across various countries and cities. From public places to educational institutions and commercial establishments, ensures that users have access to free WiFi internet for continuous online connectivity. By providing information on both open and password-protected hotspots, the platform caters to diverse user preferences. With, individuals can unlock the benefits of a digitally connected world.