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Halal is the terms used by Muslims for the only foods they can eat like; mutton, beef, vegetables, fish, pulses, chapattis etc. It can also be known as Muslim food or the food for Muslims. All else is not halal and therefore they are, by faith, forbidden to eat them. In entire Europe and America they are usually in problem of finding the places where they could eat halal food with confidence. It is because of this that the service of finding halal foods in Spain with map help has been started on this page. They can use our services and find their desired places for lunch or dinner. On this page you can find the names and contact information of the hotel / restaurant with exact geographical coordinates. .

How to use our services

We aim at the credibility of information for all those who use our halal food services. We provide the information of the food points with exact geographical locations. On the top of this page you can find the map with pins indicating the food points. Once you click on the pins you are provided with every information that you are in need of regarding that place.

You are provided with the following information regarding halal food restaurants once you click on the pins;

• Name of the restaurant
• Star Rating
• Address
• Phone number

Rating is more helpful for you that let you know about the standard of halal food served, since it is the experience of the people who have a direct experience by being there. You will find maximum restaurants with very good rating like 4.5 and 4.7 etc.
You can find hotels nearby through the addresses. Apart from exact location on the map there are addresses also that will be more helpful.
You can directly call the restaurants, as we provide you the contact information including phone number. Our services shall soon be enhanced encompassing other western countries also.


Our service is error free and you can use it with confidence. We provide exact location on the map with complete contact information. Our services can be verified from contact information, websites of the halal food restaurants and even from Google maps. The contact information of every halal food restaurant is actually shared by them on various online sources like maps, websites and blogs etc, therefore it is under the consent of the restaurant owners. If you find any incorrect information that may be because of the providers. You can also let us know, using our contact us page, so that we may correct the information after verification.