BSLEARNING: Privacy policy

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Our website is affiliated with Google Adsense programme and therefore it is our policy to strictly comply with Google’s policies. And according to California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) we are bound to give the residents of California the choice to opt out of the sale of their personal information, according to the terms of CCPA. In this connection Californians are advised to proceed on this site only on their consent regarding the cookies which are saved in their systems in order to give them better user experience. If you want to read more information about CCPA terms please visit California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

European Union user consent policy

Since we strongly comply with Google’s policies and regarding European Union User Consent Policy we have thought to make our visitors know our concerns. All the users from European Union should proceed on the site only on their consent on account of the cookies that might be saved in their systems. Otherwise, our website is an open source without any login or registration. Even contact us page doesn’t have a form to be filled in. Hence it is completely devoid of having any type of form or database that may collect user’s data.

Privacy Policy

All the data of our users and site’s contents are under the strict privacy policy as mentioned below.

• All the users’ data is non transferable to any third party in any circumstances.
• Users’ emails received on administrator’s inbox or in any other way are subject to strict privacy policy. The data are not kept and never used for any purpose.
• On the sale or transfer of the ownership of the site to any third party the database (which may be required in future to strengthen users’ experience) shall not be transferred.
• is affiliated with Google Adsense therefore the users must know that the cookies may be dropped on the users' end.

Google’s policies and terms and conditions shall be considered binding upon the site, its administrator and users.

The policy of consent is applicable to all users on the site from every part of the world. They should proceed on the site only upon their consent that the cookies of the site may be saved in their end.

Contact us page

All the mails on contact us page are sent to the administrator’s email which shall not be published nor forwarded to any third party or email. The users’ information on the contact us page which is sent to administrator’s email is; Name, Email and User’s Message. The terms of comments are fully applied on contact us page too. Users are replied, if required, on their provided emails. The mails on the contact us page are deleted once responded. The site contains no any section like comments.

Login and Registration

Our privacy policy is applicable to entire site including login and registration pages. We have given a clear privacy notice with every form that requires users' information.