125 Mason jobs in UAE

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125 Mason jobs in UAE

General Information

Jobs of mason have been announced in UAE all those people who have certain experience in the field of masonry should apply because the interview and test are going to be conducted on 18th of June and you will find the complete information regarding the application procedure on how to apply page read this page and if you wish to apply for this job then go ahead.


125 vacancies have been announced for Masons in UAE. It is the good opportunity for those who have work experience, since the jobs in UAE are lucrative and career determining


Jobs like these generally have no specified required qualification. The applicants should gain expertise in the job concerned.


Experience is the key to get the job. The applicants are required to have experience in the field of masonry.


The salary of mason in UAE shall be 1050 Dirhams.


As specified by the advertiser


Overtime is allowed.

Overtime is allowed.

Other Benefits

Benefits are offered according to the Labour Laws of UAE.like; Residence, Medical and Transport

Age Limit

Not specified. Senior people may have a chance of applying for the job provided they have good experience in the field of masonry.

Working Hours

Duty hours for the job of mason shall be 9.






As provided by the advertiser



Date of Post


Final Date of Application

Interviews for the job of mason in UAE shall be conducted on 18 June, 2023 For details please go to "How to apply'

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