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Building Painter Jobs in Saudi Arabia

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Building Painter Jobs in Saudi Arab

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Building painters are professionals who specialize in the painting and finishing of residential,commercial,and industrial buildings. There is a significant number of both Pakistani and Indian individuals working in Saudi Arabia, numbering in the millions. Among the various job opportunities available to foreigners in the country, Building Painter Jobs stand out as favorable options. These jobs do not require any specific qualifications, making them accessible to a wide range of individuals. In particular, individuals with lower levels of education tend to find more opportunities in this field. Therefore, if you have limited formal education, it is advisable to consider applying for these types of jobs.
One of the attractive aspects of Building Painter Jobs in Saudi Arabia is that they are often announced with commission and overtime opportunities, in addition to the regular salary. This allows workers to earn additional income based on their performance and the number of hours they work. Moreover, workers in Saudi Arabia are entitled to various benefits as per the labor laws of the country. These benefits may include medical facilities, lodging, and transportation facilities, among others, enhancing the overall employment package.
While there may be an age limit for certain job positions, applying for Building Painter Jobs can still be a good opportunity for individuals seeking employment in Saudi Arabia. To increase your chances of securing a good opportunity, it is advisable to submit your application for these positions and take advantage of the potential benefits and opportunities they offer.




Not required


4 to 5 years Gulf/GCC experience is mandatory


1500 to 1700 Saudi Riyal




Not specified in the advertisement

Not specified in the advertisement

Other Benefits

Residence,medical and transport facilities given by auhority

Age Limit

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Working Hours

Full time duty




Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia



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Final Date of Application

6 June as per paper ad.