Fire Alarm Technician jobs in Saudi Arabia

General description

The job of a fire alarm technician in Saudi Arabia is typically considered a technical or skilled trade job.

It involves working with electronic equipment and systems related to fire safety in buildings, such as fire alarms, smoke detectors, and control panels.

This job requires a strong understanding of safety protocols and regulatory standards, as well as the ability to troubleshoot and repair complex technical issues.

Fire alarm technicians may work for private companies, public safety departments, or contractors, and they may be employed on a full-time, part-time, or contract basis

Overall, this job requires specialized training and expertise in fire safety and electronic systems.

Job title

Fire Alarm Technician

Job description

Some of the responsibilities of Fire Alarm Technician are:

Install, program, and maintain fire alarm systems in commercial and residential buildings.

Inspect, test, and troubleshoot fire alarm systems to ensure that they are functioning properly.

Replace defective or damaged parts, such as smoke detectors, control panels, and wiring.

Follow safety regulations and protocols, including wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and following lockout/tagout procedures when working on equipment.

Keep accurate records of maintenance and repair activities, including documenting repairs, parts used, and system performance.

Conduct regular inspections to ensure that fire alarm systems meet all safety and regulatory standards.

Train building occupants on proper use of fire alarm systems and conduct drills to practice emergency response procedures.

Collaborate with other technicians, engineers, and professionals to troubleshoot complex problems and develop innovative solutions.

Comply with all company policies and procedures, including those related to environmental, health, and safety regulations.

Stay up to date with new technologies and developments in the field of fire alarm systems, and make recommendations for upgrades or improvements to existing systems




Not specified in the advertisement


Not specified

How to apply

Working hours

8 hours

Agreement time limit

2 years

Age limit

Not specified

Date of post

6th April, 2023


Saudi Arabia


Not specified




1,500 Saudi Riyal, Salary can be increased at the time of interview.





All other benefits according to the Labour Laws of Saudi Arabia

Last date of application

Selection in progress

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