Mason All-Rounder Jobs in Saudi Arabia

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Mason All-Rounder Jobs in Saudi Arab

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Job openings for the individuals experienced in construction have been announced in Saudi Arabia. These positions do not require any specific qualifications, making them accessible to individuals with limited or no formal education. The page provides detailed information about the available vacancies, including the number of positions, required qualifications (if any), relevant experience, salary structures, commission opportunities, overtime policies, additional benefits, age limits, employment agreements, countries of employment, gender specifications, and important dates such as the posting and application deadlines.

Considering the significant presence of Pakistani, Indian, and Bengali workers in Saudi Arabia, these job opportunities present an excellent chance for individuals from these backgrounds to apply. The provided information on the page covers all the necessary details regarding the job roles, allowing applicants to make informed decisions. Additionally, there is a separate "how to apply" page that guides applicants through the application process. It is important to carefully review and understand all the information provided on both pages before submitting an application. To maximize your chances, it is advisable to submit your application well before the deadline. Seize this opportunity and apply for these mason jobs.




Not required


4 to 5 years Gulf/GCC experience is mandatory


1700 Saudi Riyal




Full Time

Not specified in the advertisement

Other Benefits

Residence,medical and transport facilities are provided by the company.

Age Limit

Not specified in the ad

Working Hours

Full time duty




Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia



Date of Post


Final Date of Application

6 June as per paper ad.

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