Object and function oriented types of sentences

In the previous chapter of kernel clauses we have learnt what is object, and now we have to talk about object oriented kinds of sentences.

There are FIVE kinds of sentences that are determined by the use of object

  1. Mono transitive
  2. Di-transitive
  3. Complex transitive
  4. Intransitive
  5. Copulative

Mono transitive

Any sentence which has only one object is called mono transitive, like;

  • I am reading an interesting novel.
    Object: an interesting novel.
  • They gave me a gift.
    Object: gift.


Di-transitive are those sentences which carry two objects (direct and indirect), like;

  • He taught us English.
    Direct object: English
    Indirect object: us
  • You must ask him for assignment.
    Direct object: assignment
    Indirect object: him

Complex transitive

Any sentence which has both object and predicative complement is called complex transitive, like,

  • Everyone considers Einstein a genius.

Predicative complement: genius
Object: Einstein

  • I thought him a detective.
    Predicative complement: detective
    Object: him


Intransitive are those sentences which have neither object nor predicative complement, like,

  • He has gone.
  • You can go now.


Copulative sentences have already been defined in previous chapters. Subjective predicative complement is used here along with copulas and no main verb, like;

  • He is†an interesting person.
  • Is he mad?

Function oriented types of sentences

A sentence, according to function has FOUR different kinds which are as follows;

  • Affirmative sentence
    simple sentence which is neither negative nor interrogative.
    Example: it was an interesting story.
  • Interrogative sentence
    sentence with question.
    Example: What are you doing here?
  • Imperative sentence
    which contains order, advice or suggestion.
    Example: Donít go there.
  • Exclamatory sentence
    exclamation of emotions accompanied by sign of exclamation.
    Example: What a wonderful weather!

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