English Grammar: Detailed course

For kids & Beginners (in Hindi & Urdu Language)


This course includes the following contents:
Video No. 1: Noun and Kinds
Video No. 2: Personal Pronouns
Video No. 3: Relative Pronouns
Video No. 4: Reflexive, Demonstrative and Indefinite pronouns
Video No. 5: Verb, tense, aspect, copulative, auxiliaries and modal auxiliaries
Video No. 6: Adjectives, its degrees, syllables and adjectives, regular & irregular adj
Video No. 7: Adverb, its kinds, degree modifiers, adverb of time, place, manner and more
Video No. 8: Preposition, types and uses, prepositions for time, places, directions & more
Video No. 9: Articles: kinds, two pronunciations of definite article, vowels & consonants
Video No. 10: Conjunctions: its kinds, conjunctions in pairs, kinds of sentences and clauses
Video No. 11: Interjections, concepts and uses
Video No. 12: Tenses: Introduction
Video No. 13: Present Indefinite tense
Video No. 14: Present continuous tense
Video No. 15: Present perfect tense
Video No. 16: Present perfect continuous tense
Video No. 17: Past Indefinite tense
Video No. 18:
Past continuous tense
Video No. 19: Past perfect tense
Video No. 20: Past perfect continuous tense
Video No. 21: Future Indefinite tense
Video No. 22: Future continuous tense
Video No. 23: Future perfect tense
Video No. 24: Future perfect continuous tense
Video No. 25: Use of "since" and "for"
Video No. 26: Active & Passive Voice: Introduction
Video No. 27: How to make passive voice
Video No. 28: Passive voice: Interrogative sentences
Video No. 29: Passive voice: Imperative sentences
Video No. 30: Passive voice: Sentences with modal operators
Video No. 31: Passive voice: practice session
Video No. 32: Passive voice: practice session two
Video No. 33: Narrations: Introduction
Video No. 34: Narrations: Interrogative sentences
Video No. 35: Narrations: Imperative sentences
Video No. 36: Narrations: Exclamatory sentences
Video No. 37: Narrations: Universal truth
Video No. 38: Kernel clauses
Video No. 39: Object oriented types of sentences
Video No. 40: Phrases
Video No. 41: Inflection derivation open and closed classes
Video No. 42: Verb, tense, aspect, copulative, auxiliaries and modal auxiliaries
Video No. 43: Pronunciation and IPAs
Video No. 44: Vowel and consonant sound difference
Video No. 45: Consonant sounds
Video No. 46: Short vowels, long vowels and diphthongs
Video No. 40: Stressed and unstressed and number of syllables

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