NTN Registration (Problems & Solutions)

On this page we shall tell you the easiest method how to register yourself on FBR online. You need not to go anywhere.

Remember after 2015 FBR is not issuing hard copy NTN certificates. You just need to get the print copy once you have properly registered yourself according to the method we are telling you here.

Method to register on FBR for NTN

NTN (National Tax Number) is now called reference number. If you want to get yourself registered on FBR follow the following procedure;

1. First of all you need to have salary slip and recently paid electricity bill.

2. Go to the Registration page and click on "Registration for unregistered person".

3. A popup window shall open. Give your particulars like; CNIC, Preface like Mr. MS etc, First and Last name, Cell No and email address. Click on submit button after entering the given captcha.

4. After clicking on submit you will receive two codes (one on phone and one on email). Enter both codes and click on submit again.

5. Now your FBR account is created. FBR will send you password both on your phone and email address.

6. Now go to this page and login yourself.

Note: Your registration number is your CNIC (without hyphens) and give the password as sent on your phone and email address. After login your first job is to submit your registration. For that purpose go to "Draft" option and click on "Registration" in dropdown menu.

8. Now click on "181 (form of registration filed voluntarily)". It will turn yellow. Now click on "Edit" button.

9. Here you have to give your personal information. Check the information that is already given and by clicking "Next" you will have to give more information like, category (whether you are individually registering yourself or you have some company etc), address, Tax office (Regional tax office or RTO of the city where you belong).

Note: Remember these are very important information. Be very careful to fill in all the fields. If you are confused do consult FBR regional office.

10. Once you have submitted the registration your NTN is issued which is called Reference number. Now get the print of 3 things;

a. 181 (Order to Grant / Refuse Registration on Application)

b. Taxpayer Registration Certificate

c. Online NTN/STRN Inquiry.

Keep all information well saved with you, like your passwords, PIN number (without PIN you cannot submit your Income Tax return.

Important: Please double check everything. Your all information should be 100% correct. If you are confused in any step do not proceed unless you have consulted FBR regional office in your city. Be responsible and careful.

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