How to receive your salary slip on your email

Many people donot know that they can get their salary slip on their email. Remember, there is very easy method to receive your slary slip on your email. This facility is only for government servant.

If you want to get salary slip on your email please do follow the following simple steps.

Note: First of all you have to create a new email address on gmail. Your email address must carry your personnel no. followed by your name. For example if your personnel no. is 12345 and your name is Amjid khan you have to create your email address as; Once you have done it now read the procedure below;


Go to

Click on “Email Registration form” on the left column.

Write the code of your government. The codes are already given for your convenience.

Now write your personnel no.

Give your CNIC no.

Note: if your new CNIC doesn’t work it means your old NIC no. is registered in Accounts Office. If that is the case give your old NIC no for the moment to get your email registered and replace this with new CNIC no. by personally visiting to the Accounts Office.

Give your date of birth in 01.09.2016 format. You can do it by clicking on icon on the right side of the bar.

Give your mobile number.

Now when everything is entered correctly. Click on the button which says;

اپنی دی ہوئی معلومات کی تصدیق کیلئے یہاں کلک کریں

Now you are done. You will receive your salary slip on your email every month.